For many of us, we’re faced with the choice of doing ‘what’s right’ (getting a job) and doing what we want (traveling). Over the last decade, I’ve used The 4 Pillars of #ProfDevAbroad to strategically design multiple global experiences which allowed me to grow professionally while seeing the world.


Professional development while abroad (#ProfDevAbroad) is the idea that you can use your time abroad (like a gap year or career break), no matter how short or long, to launch and grow your career no matter what your field. We’ve all learned about the benefits of global experiences, so why not maximize your next travel adventure to build upon one of the 4 Pillars.



If you’re not interested in grad school abroad or teaching English abroad, you can still travel the world without hurting your career. This is the secret to how I keep traveling the world! By adding a career-relevant component to each travel experience, I’ve intentionally transformed from a travel addict to a competent professional in my field. This could be learning a language while you’re traveling, taking online classes, volunteering during some portion of your around the world trip, or simply traveling within one country to learn country-specific knowledge. The possibilities are endless.

Your Next Steps….

Travel Planning Articles (FREE)

Read blog posts about using The 4 Pillars of #ProfDevAbroad to enhance your short and long term travels here.

#ProfDevAbroad Workbook (FREE)

Copyright Longing to Travel - #ProfDevAbroad Workbook
With this workbook, you will identify your career goals, choose (at least) one pillar (strategy) to focus on and learn how to incorporate that pillar into your next global adventure.

Download the workbook here.

Travel Planning Consultation ($75)

Learn how to make your travels more about what you gained and less about the gap on your resume.

Instead of worrying about everything that could go wrong if you choose to follow your heart, take strategic action so that things will go right.

After our consultation, you’ll have travel hacks for multi-country travel, opportunities for professional growth while on the road, and a personalized career-relevant travel itinerary.

 Your consultation includes:

  • Pre-consultation Workbook– to help you reflect on your wants and needs
  • 30-minute Consultation– where we discuss your questions and options as you design your next travel itinerary
  • Consultation Follow-Up Roadmap– which outlines a personalized plan of action to help you get started

Book your consultation here:



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