Leveraging Your Global Experiences

You’ve done all the right things. You went to college. Got involved in co-curricular activities, volunteered, learned a second language, earned tops grades and studied/volunteered/interned abroad. You even have socials skills and some relevant work experience on your resume.

But you realize that it’s not enough.

In today’s world, filled with passionate, high-achieving millennials, competition for the best internships, grad school admissions and jobs is fierce. And the same old strategies won’t cut it.

What has been your strategy? Probably the same as everyone else’s; sending out hundreds of resumes and cover letters with a list of your work history. And let me guess, you’re getting no response.

Don’t worry. I was once there too. I know exactly what it’s like to send out hundreds of resume but never hear back. It’s super frustrating.


Recruiters and hiring managers read so many resumes that they start to blur together. In a super competitive job market, where a college degree is no longer enough, you have to do something different to stand out.

Longing to Travel - Resume & Branding Stats 4

The #1 mistake people job hunters make is simply listing their academic and professional experiences on their resume. You have to go the extra mile in addition to demonstrating how your collective experiences make you the candidate that the employer has been waiting for. What you need is a career narrative.


Your professional brand is a narrative, or story, that ties together not only your collective experiences but also how your unique skills, specialized knowledge, and experiences add value to an organization. In other words, it ties everything together to demonstrate your competence in a specific niche.

One simple, yet overlooked way is communicating your brand story through your job-hunting materials. But if you want to take it to the next level, you’ll also want to establish your digital brand.

Longing to Travel - Resume & Branding Stats 2


Remember this woman who made a splash with her innovative AirBnB resume? This is a perfect example of developing a professional narrative that gets you noticed.

Longing to Travel - Resume & Branding Stats 3

Once I developed my own digital brand, it was clear to recruiters and hiring managers that I was the person they were looking for — the one who would really add value to their organization.

I created such a clear brand that it helped me get opportunities working with entrepreneurs, universities, European-level organizations and NGOs in the USA and Europe. And now, I have relocated permanently to Sweden, working as an expat.


  1. I came to Pouneh with a lackluster resume, and a mountain of frustrations over the resume process. I had been working in academic researcher and health policy for my entire career, and was unhappy. When I decided to contact Pouneh, I was working my public health full-time position, but also part-time with REI (an outdoor retailer). I loved REI as a company and found that their ideals and priorities were align with my own. I had decided that I wanted REI to be not just a job, but a career. And had no idea of where to begin.

    I contacted Pouneh, and told her about my career goals. She understood my frustrations with being overwhelmed, and was able to explain ways to approach a resume redo that did not seem so daunting. She made great suggestions on how to take my previous research and public health experience, and make it relevant for a business position with REI. With her help, I was able to make my resume more clear, concise, and applicable to the new position I was seeking.

    What I appreciated most while working with Pouneh was how supportive and motivating she was. She knew when I was frustrated, and always made sure to remain positive and remind me that I could do this.
    I landed my dream job because of Pouneh’s help, and could not be more appreciative. Thank you, Pouneh. You are great.


  2. Pouneh helped me restructure my CV so that it looked more professional, and easier for possible job recruiters to get an overview of my academic and professional skills. Through her help it became clear what my specialized skills are and what I should highlight about myself.

    She gave me constructive feedback on how I should structure the content on the CV: what my earlier experiences have given me, what hands on skills came out of them, and what I contributed with in the job. She definitely have a good knowledge of what the recruiters are looking for, AND how to avoid abstract cliches that does not contain any informative information.

    Thanks to Pouneh I got a job as a project leader for an integration project in a Swedish municipality.
    Thank you Pouneh!


  3. Pouneh was a great help to me as I was working on refining my resume. I was struggling with exactly how to word and order things to make my experiences stand out, and she was able to help me find just the right way to showcase my talents. Thanks to her, I finally feel confident about handing out my resume!


    1. Sometimes, we can’t quite articulate our own awesomeness, Lesa. Glad I could help you develop a resume you’re proud to share. Looking forward to working with you again in the future. – Pouneh


  4. Pouneh reviewed my CV for me when I was looking for a job in the US and abroad and I found her comments very helpful. She suggested ways that I could emphasize my strengths and stand out to hiring managers. I appreciated her insight and felt more confident following her advice. Thanks again, Pouneh!


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