For many, the idea of being abroad for an extended period of time sounds like a dream. The excitement of exploring new places, meeting interesting people…being free. I totally get it. In fact, I’ve studied or worked in 5 countries in Europe, as well as taken several multi-country trips, over the past decade…and I’m still going!

Instead of choosing to follow my head (get a ‘real job’) or my heart (‘travel the world’), I combined the two using The 4 Pillars of #ProfDevAbroad to help me design professionally-relevant global experiences so that I could launch my career while abroad. Fast forward 10+ years later and I’ve developed myself into competent professional who has relevant work experience in 6+ countries and who now gets hired by local organizations wherever I go.

Global Career Planning Session

I know the frustration of balancing what you should do and what you want to do, and so I want to share my tips and tricks for making your dreams a reality:

Teaching English Abroad ($75)  From TEFL certification to finding a job abroad, I can help you find your way to a fulfilling teaching career abroad. After our consultation, you’ll have clarity on what you want out of the experience, strategies for finding the best job for you, answers to all your questions about any part of the process

Grad School in Europe ($75)  Let me show you how to get into grad school abroad. After our consultation, you’ll have a clear idea on whether or not you want to pursue a master’s degree in Europe, tips for creating stellar application materials, answers to any other question you have.

Travel Planning for Career Breaks & Gap Years ($75) Learn how to make your travels more about what you gained and less about the gap on your resume. After our consultation, you’ll have travel hacks for multi-country travel, opportunities for professional growth while on the road, a personalized career-relevant travel itinerary.

All sessions include:

  • Pre-consultation Workbook – to help you reflect on your wants and needs
  • 30-minute Consultation – where we discuss your questions and options
  • Consultation Follow-Up Roadmap – which outlines a personalized plan of action to help you get started

The goal is to leverage your time abroad so that any global experience can be a professional asset.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out what others have to say about working with me:

Grad School in Europe – Longing to Travel - Can

Grad School in Europe – Longing to Travel - Merve

Teaching English Abroad – TEFL Consulting – Denise

Don’t let your dream of living and traveling abroad slip away. Take control of your destiny and book your consultation now.


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