Coaching Packages* ($150)

I’ve worked with dozens of individuals to help them design career-enhancing global adventures, create a memorable personal brand and gain the courage it takes to make their dreams a reality!

Here are a few ways I can help you achieve your goals during our 1-hour coaching call:

Career Enhancing Global Experiences – Together, we will break down your longer-term dreams into short-term, action-items, so you know just what to do while you’re abroad.  After our call, you will have a clear roadmap of what, when and how to implement your customized development plan.

Personal Brand Development – A well-defined brand is the key to standing out. Let me help you discover yours. After our call, you’ll have a  customized brand strategy which outlines your clearly defined brand and a strategy for leveraging your brand during the job hunting process.

Job/Grad School Application Audit – After reviewing your documents, we will discuss specific ways to improve the overall quality of your application documents, including how to better incorporate your brand, formatting, content, etc.

Digital Brand Management Learn proven strategies for establishing and growing your brand online.  After our call, you’ll know the exact strategies for establishing your brand online as well as how to improve your overall digital brand presence.

Other – Want to discuss something else? No problem. Just explain below and we’ll come up with a customized plan for our 1-hour call.

Don’t let your dream of living and traveling abroad slip away. Take control of your destiny and book your consultation now:


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