How to Secure 2+ Years Abroad

Learn how I secured 2+ years abroad WITHOUT sacrificing my career! #l2t #theDIYexpat


Central European Itinerary: Part 1

For a little over 9 months, my husband and I had been planning our Central Europe Trip...and boy did it live up to all our hype! From pork knuckle, to beer gardens to castles galore. We saw it a celebrity sighting which won’t disappoint (keep reading to find out who we met!). So if you are planning a trip to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and/or Hungary (or you’re just daydreaming about it!), keep reading to learn our tips and tricks for a seamless Central European tour!

Global Living: An Interview with Ginger Kern of The Traveler’s Mindset

This week, I'm happy to share the story of an inspirational women I met earlier this summer through a mutual friend. She has perfected the art of intentional living at home and abroad, she runs multiple business and she is making a big impact in the lives of many. But I'll let her tell you the rest....

The Ultimate Guide to Funding Your Time Abroad

After over a decade of nomadic living, I've heard every excuse in the book as to why living and traveling abroad is impossible: "travel is expensive", "you can't study study abroad if you don't speak another language" or "it's impossible to get a job in another country". While these all can be true to some extent, each year thousands of people just like you--who have debt, aren't rich and are mono-lingual--make their global dreams a reality. In this post, I want to highlight some strategies for tackling the biggest (perceived) barrier: money. Below are tools and resources to help you design a financially sustainable global adventure.

6 Steps to Launching a Career Teaching English Abroad

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different response about whether teaching English abroad is a legit job or not. I’m part of the ‘it’s legit’ camp because I’ve seen first hand how teaching abroad has impacted my life and career. Not only did it improve my family’s financial situation, but it also gave … Continue reading 6 Steps to Launching a Career Teaching English Abroad