Started: September 2003 | Last Updated: January 2016

Attend a Hockey Game at the University of Minnesota 

Camp in the Woods (in a tent!)

Climb/Hike in the Alps

Earn a Master’s Degree Abroad

Eat Sushi in Japan

Go Fishing

Go on a European River Cruise

Go on a Safari

Go Skiing

Go Skydiving

Go Snorkeling

Go to a Concert

Learn (conversational) Danish

Learn to Belly Dance

Learn to Make Persian Food

Learn to Write/Read Farsi

Live abroad (again)

Live and Work in Europe Post Grad School

Live in Spain

Meet Someone Famous

Make Sushi

Speak Fluent Spanish

Take a Trip to Boston

Visit a World Cup Host City (and possibly a game!)

Visit all the Bahá’í Temples
(Chile | India | Samoa | Panama | Germany | Australia | Uganda | USA)

Visit Argentina

Visit Cinque Terre (Italy)

Visit Cairo & the Egyptian Pyramids

Visit Family in Brazil

Visit Iran

Visit Italy with My Significant Other

Don’t forget to check out my ‘30 Before 30‘ challenge (completed in September 2014) for more things I’ve crossed off my list!

* * * * A N S W E R  B E L O W * * * *

What else should I add to my list?


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