Shortly after my husband’s 30th birthday, I realized it wouldn’t be long until I turned the big 3-0 (5 months to be exact!). I’m not dreading 30 like many people do (especially women). In fact, I’m looking forward to a new decade of learning, growing and  experiencing.
To start off my 30’s the right way, I decided to end my 20’s with 30 new things I wanted to do. This isn’t my bucket list (as I don’t see my 30’s as an end-all-be-all), but rather a realistic way to make the most of my last few months as a 20-something.
So, without further ado, here is my list of 30 Before 30:
1. Eat Something Crazy (like animal organs!) <– CHECK
2. Learn to Cook One Dish Really Well <— CHECK
3. Visit a Turkish Bath <– CHECK
4. Read (at least) One Book <– CHECK
5. Write to 30 People and Tell Them How They Have Impacted Me <– CHECK
6. Post 1 Blog Post Every Week <– CHECK
7. Buy a New Shade of Lipstick <– CHECK
8. Meet with a Life Coach (at Least Once) <– CHECK
9. Get Published as a Guest Blogger <– CHECK (here’s my post)
10. Get Paid for a Blog Post <– CHECK
11. Write Out My Life Blueprint <– CHECK
12. Update My Goals List <– CHECK (I started during my 1st semester of college)
13. Attend a Party Hosted by an Embassy <– CHECK
14. Book Tickets to Copenhagen <– CHECK
15. Attend a Turkish Cultural Event <– CHECK (I attended a wedding in August)
16. Buy a Backgammon Set and Play Often <– CHECK
17. Try a New Flavor of Ice Cream <– CHECK
18. Take a Day Trip from Ankara <– CHECK
19. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride <– CHECK
Brandon Family Trip - Turkey - May 2014 797
20. Visit Ancient Ruins on the West Coast of Turkey <– CHECK
IMG_20140630_233740 (1)
21. Enjoy a Beautiful Sunrise <– CHECK
22. Enjoy a Beautiful Sunset <– CHECK
23. Watch an Award Winning Film <– CHECK
24. Learn How to Use The Settings on My Digital Camera* <– CHECK
*UPDATE: Since my camera is broken (and probably won’t be fixed), I decided to learn how to use photo editing software/apps. So far, all the pictures you’ve seen on Facebook were successfully edited by these apps.
25. Attempt to Cook Turkish Food at Home <– CHECK 
26. Wear My Packer Jersey While Watching a Packer Game in Ankara <– CHECK
27. Visit One of the Alleged Restaurants in Ankara that Sells Bacon <– CHECK
28. Register for a Professional Development Conference <– CHECK
29. Become Active in Ankara’s Expat Community <– CHECK
30. Get Longing to Travel Up and Running! <– CHECK (Longing to Travel has over 500 awesome followers!)

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