How to Secure 2+ Years Abroad

Like many study abroad alumni and recent college graduates, I wasn’t quite ready to give up my dream of seeing the world in order to do “the right thing” (aka, get a job). But, as was expected, I graduated early and moved to my favorite US city to start what I thought might be my dream job.

Within a few weeks, the panic set in and I began to Google my options 24/7 until I found my golden ticket: a 2-year, multi-country master’s program in Europe. Earlier this year, I shared my journey in a 4-part mini-series which I encourage any career-minded travel-addict to read:

Grad School in Europe (Part 1): A Rash Decision Gone Right
Grad School in Europe (Part 2): If I Had Only Known
Grad School in Europe (Part 3): The Student Experience I Didn’t Expect
Grad School in Europe (Part 4): Can I actually make this dream a reality?

* * * * *
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