The Ultimate Guide to Funding Your Time Abroad

Longing to Travel - Funding Experience Abroad

After over a decade of nomadic living, I’ve heard every excuse in the book as to why living and traveling abroad is impossible: “travel is expensive”, “you can’t study study abroad if you don’t speak another language” or “it’s impossible to get a job in another country”. While these all can be true to some extent, each year thousands of people just like you–who have debt, aren’t rich and are mono-lingual–make their global dreams a reality. In this post, I want to highlight some strategies for tackling the biggest (perceived) barrier: money. Below are tools and resources to help you design a financially sustainable global adventure.

Work Abroad

The most obvious way to make your global dream a reality is to earn money abroad to sustain your travels. It seems like a daunting task to find work overseas, but there are actually many ways (some easier than others) to do it. With the right resume and a strong personal brand, you too can join the thousands of expats around the world and make your global dream a reality.

A few ways to work abroad include:

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Others have compiled lists of ways to fund your travel too! Here are my favorite lists:


Longing to Travel - Tuition


Reduce Your Tuition

If you’ve decided that your global experience includes earning your degree abroad, there are several ways to reduce your tuition and cost of living:

  • Choose a country which charges little or no tuition (like Germany or Norway)
  • Apply for scholarships and grants (download my Grad School ebook to get the a great list of scholarships and grants, as well as tips on how to find others not listed)
  • Choose to attend a good program in a country with a low cost of living


Longing to Travel - Eat Local

Minimize Your Overall Expenses

While you won’t get rich using these methods, you can always try to travel on the cheap or sometimes even for free. Avoid paying for the basics with these strategies:

  • Accommodation – Couchsurfing, Housesitting, Petsitting, working as an Au Pair, volunteering at a hostel in exchange for free room, volunteer to speak English in exchange for free room and board (homestay);

  • Entertainment – free walking tours, free events in the city, taking advantage of student discounts (usually up to age 25 in Europe, but sometimes even older!);

  • Food – cook instead of eating out, eat/drink locally; and

  • Travel – look for month passes for public transportation in the city you live in, travel by bus instead of train in Europe (sometimes it takes the same amount of time as it would by train, but for less than half the price!), fly discount airlines (in Europe)

Are you planning your adventure abroad? Download this guide and work with me to design the best strategy for making it financially affordable and professional advantageous!


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Funding Your Time Abroad

  1. I studied abroad in Germany (knowing no German) and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Today my husband and I are travel agents and we show other people how to become travel agents affordably. Because we love to travel it’s the perfect career for us to take on the road!


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