Grad School in Europe (Part 4): Can I actually make this dream a reality?

Attending graduate school is a big decision that one shouldn’t make lightly. One must think about the reasons for attending a particular program, what one hopes to do while in school and most importantly how one’s degree will help one achieve personal and professional goals.

But after figuring all that out, there are a bunch of other little things that are confusing, but equally important; like:

  • What are the American equivalents to the grades I’ll earn in Europe?
  • Will my degree from Europe be recognized once I’m back in the USA?
  • Can I take classes in English or do I need to be fluent in the local language?
  • How much will it cost and are there scholarships available?

These are all important and often perplexing questions that I had before I began my master’s program in Europe. The short answer to these questions are:

  • Your grades will look better once translated into the American grading system (e.g., a ‘C’ in Europe is a ‘B’ in the USA);
  • If your program is accredited, then yes, it will be accepted in the USA;
  • You can take classes in English or in the local language (depending on the program/country); and
  • The tuition rates and local cost of living will vary country by country, but there are plenty of opportunities to find scholarships in the event you even have to pay tuition (yes, some programs are tuition free!).

Lucky for me, these unknowns didn’t deter me from enrolling in a program. But unlucky for me, I started asking these questions once IN Europe and it came back to bite me in the behind (…but that’s a story for another day).  If you are interested in exploring the option of earning your master’s degree in Europe, download my free Grad School in Europe ebook where I cover the topics mentioned above (see Chapter 4) and many others, including links to thousands of dollars worth of scholarships!

Instead of finding all the reasons you can’t earn your degree abroad, use this guide to find all the reasons you CAN earn your master’s in Europe!

Click below to download your FREE copy!

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