Itinerary Inspiration | Edinburgh + Glasgow (Scotland)

Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland


Longing to Travel - Edinburgh - Scotland - Itinerary


We began our day by checking out of our hotel and taking the train to EDINBURGH WAVERLEY TRAIN STATION (A) where we began our 1/2 day adventure. We began by walking west on PRINCESS STREET and admired the parks, architecture and views. Since we were there in December, we lucked out and also got to enjoy the sights and sounds of a big Christmas Market. After walking for a bit (in the rain!), we stopped by RYAN’S BAR (B) to sit and people watch. It also didn’t hurt to get out of the rain for a bit. Next, we walked past ST. JOHN’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH (C) and THE PARISH CHURCH OF ST. CUTHBERT (D) before heading towards the Edinburgh Castle via King’s Stables Road. We didn’t go into the castle, but saw it up close and personal on our walk.

As we continued, down some steps and still following King’s Stables Road, we ended up at charming GRASSMARKET SQUARE, which had lots of cafes, pubs and restaurants. At the end of the square, we took a right onto W BOW/VICTORIA STREET which was just too cute for words. The pictures don’t do it justice, but it was a lovely little (selfie-worthy) street. Up the hill we went until we made our way to HIGH STREET which housed a lot of beautiful buildings, most impressive the ST. GILES’ CATHEDRAL (E). After exploring High St. for a while, we headed back to Waverley Station to catch our train to Glasgow, where we were meeting our dear friends who invited us to visit them in their hometown.

Longing to Travel - Glasgow - Scotland - Itinerary


Although we were in Glasgow for more than 1/2 a day, I ended up getting the flu half-way in, so our days were short and (because of me) uneventful. We managed to see a few places that captured our hearts, but the real magic happened in the home of our friends’ parents, who showed us what Scottish hospitality (and Christmas!) looked like. We really enjoyed our time there and are so grateful to our gracious hosts. Some of the highlights of our short time in Glasgow include: the ARGYLL ARCADE (B), the food at MAX’S BAR (D), the art at GLASGOW MODERN ART – GOMA (C), cheap drinks at THE COUNTING HOUSE (E) and the nice walk down ST. VINCENT PLACE & BUCHANAN STREET for window shopping and people watching.

Even though the food was delicious and the sights impressive, it was the people who left us wanting more. Not only were our hosts incredibly gracious (and helpful in nursing me back to health!), but the everyday Scottish people too! We were always met with a smile and the people were truly eager to welcome us to their city. We will absolutely be back to visit in the future!

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