Global Living: An Interview with Nick and Dariece, aka the Goats on the Road

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just pick up and go? Well, Dariece and Nick have done just that! This Canadian couple has done what we all dream of doing — discovering a way to travel indefinitely! Keep reading to hear first-hand what their experience has been like!

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How long have you been  abroad?

Been travelling for 5 years, will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!

What have you been  doing abroad?

Travelling, while working online.


What inspired you to take an extended trip overseas?

A few things actually. We went on an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico together, which was the first time Nick had been abroad, and he was hooked! I had always wanted to go to SE Asia and after a particularly hard day at work, Nick came home and asked me “if you could go anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?” The answer was easy and we decided to go to SE Asia.

Once we were excited about travel, we started watching anything and everything about travelling and backpacking, and we read every travel guide possible. One show in particular, Departures, caught our eye and we watched it religiously before going on our trip.

What were your concerns prior to leaving home?

We had only been together for a year when we decided to take off into the unknown, and had never spent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together. So, would we be able to handle travelling and being together for so long was a concern of ours.

There were many other concerns, like will we be able to figure out how to get from point “a” to point “b”? How long will our money last? How will we get by without understanding the language, etc.

After a few days on the road, all of our concerns just melted away.


What has been the most challenging part of being overseas for an extended period of time?

There are a few challenges to this lifestyle. One is trying to deal with banking, documents and other responsibilities back in Canada, while we’re overseas. We do everything digitally, but when a Visa card, a passport or a driver’s licence expires, it’s a hassle to get new documents sorted out.

Another hard part is being away from friends and family for so long. We’ve missed birthdays, births, weddings and funerals. But, that’s just how it goes and we’re fortunate to have a strong support system back home.

What has been the most rewarding part of being overseas for an extended period of time?

We adore learning about new cultures, meeting new people and seeing new countries. It’s so exciting and liberating! Being on the road is such an eye opener and we’ve really been able to figure out what’s actually important to us.

We’re free from possessions and from debt, and we love the fact that we’re not surrounded by the Western mentality of consumerism and materialism.


How did you fund your overseas experiences?

For our first two big trips (13 months and 16 months), we traveled off of money earned from selling our possessions (house, car, etc.). We then worked in China and saved enough money to fun our 5 month trip through Mongolia, Russia and Central Asia. After that trip, we started to earn enough money from our website to fund our travels.

These days, we are also house/pet sitters, which allows us to have free accommodation in exchange for taking care of people’s homes and pets.

What skills have you gained from your overseas experiences and how have they impacted your career and/or professional development?

Before travelling, we knew nothing about teaching English, or anything about running a website. We learned how to be English teachers while volunteering in Myanmar, and then took proper training to make it our career for a year.

If we were working back home, there wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to figure out how to create a website and/or how to run it. We’ve learned a lot about networking, marketing, social media, video creation, writing and more. By being totally free and living on the road, on our terms, we have time to learn what we want to!

11206042_1008941662472078_5941851524465143276_nWe’re also taking online Spanish lessons with Spanish Marks at the moment and are sure that this will benefit us when we travel through Central and South America.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to go abroad for 3+ months, but doesn’t know where to start?

Read! Check out travel guides and travel blogs for information and advice on where to start. We have a Getting Started section on our site which helps with preparing, planning and packing for a trip.

What are some resources everyone should know about before embarking on a 3+ month experience overseas?

There are so many resources out there these days. Find a travel blogger that you can relate to and start following their journey for ideas, information and tips. Check out the Lonely Planet Thorntree Forum online for current information on various places. You can book hostels online as you go with

There are also many useful apps out there, we’ve written about 10 of them here.

What does a ‘global life’ look like to you and how have you been able to realize this dream?

Global life to us means living a location independent lifestyle. Ever since returning back to Canada after 13 months of backpacking around Asia, we knew that the “normal” lifestyle wasn’t for us anymore. We did everything we had to do in order to make our dream of travelling and working on the road a reality.

We worked hard in Canada for a year to save as much money as possible, and we sold all of our possessions. After backpacking for 16 months, we decided that a good way to make money, expand our abilities and live abroad, would be to teach English in China. While teaching, we started working on Goats On The Road, which is now our sole source of income.

5 years later, we’re still living on the road and living our dream.


Who-Are-The-Goats-ImageNick and Dariece are the couple behind ‘Goats On The Road” and the bi-weekly travel column on CreditWalk. Their website is designed to show others how to turn their travels into a lifestyle. Masters at making money online and on the road, they’ve been travelling since 2008 and have explored some of the least visited places on earth, finding adventure wherever they go.

You can learn more about Dariece and Nick and their adventures on TwitterFacebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

*All Photos Courtesy of Goats on the Road.

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