5 Must-Experience Adventures in Sweden

As you’ve heard, we’re moving to Lund, Sweden for the next two years! In addition to all the boring stuff we have to do (like packing), we get to do some really fun stuff like purchase guidebooks and start our Sweden Bucketlist! In fact, we’ve already started our list. Check it out below!

* * * *

Witness the Midnight Sun and/or Northern Lights

Above the Arctic Circle in Kiruna, Sweden


Photo Credit: belezadacaatinga.blogspot.com


Stockholm, Sweden

Video Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WY3zzlpy60

Experience Swedish Christmas, including the traditional Julbord

Anywhere in Sweden


Photo Credit: www.accohostel.com

Take a cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki or Tallinn

Baltic Sea


Photo Credit: www.esline.ru

Stay in the Ice Hotel

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Main_hall_ICEHOTEL_SwedenPhoto Credit: Wikipedia

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What else should we add to our Swedish Bucketlist?


6 thoughts on “5 Must-Experience Adventures in Sweden

      1. I will. I will also share everything I will do on my blog. Thats the reason I started it so my family and friends can read it. I’m so exited!!


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