Packing for an International Move: 3 Must-Read Resources

A few weeks ago, I announced our move to Lund, Sweden in August. With only a few weeks left, I’m in preparation mode. The most common question I get asked is: “How are you going to take all your stuff?”, The answer is simple: I won’t.

You may remember our move to Turkey in 2014…

Well, this time, it’ll be much harder because we have to pack for TWO years abroad instead of just one. Luckily, I can refer back to some old posts for helpful tips on what to do (and not do!). Check them out and let me know if you have other tips for us to consider!

3 Things to Do When You’re Packing for a Big Move
Preparing for a Year Abroad: 8 Things You Should Know
5 Months, 7 Currencies: Managing Your Money While Abroad

Blog Engagement Question - Copyright Longing to Travel

What are your top packing tips for an international move?

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