Itinerary Inspiration: European Capitals of Culture

It’s no surprise that I love Europe. From exquisite architecture to longstanding traditions to culinary delights, I’m in love with all things Europe. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many European cities, but I’m always on the lookout for new places to visit.
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To help, each year the European Union designates a European Capital of Culture to attract attention to the often overlooked, but still equally stunning cities around Europe. In my decades of travel, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many beautiful places in Europe, including cities that have (or will) boast the title of European Capital of Culture. Below are pictures from just a few of the Capitals of Culture that I’ve visited:

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If you haven’t visited any of the past Capitals of Culture, don’t worry. The list of upcoming Capitals of Culture seem just as magnificent as their predecessors:

Pilsen Culture Capital


San Sebastian Culture Captial Logo
Aarhus Culture Capital
NL Culture Capital Logo

Although I’ve already visited San Sebastián and Aarhus, I’m sure a visit during their time as the Capital of Culture would be nothing short of spectacular. I’ve browsed each city’s website and the list of special events is quite impressive (click on the icons above for more information).

So, if you’re not sure where to go on your next trip to Europe, consider adding these cities to your itinerary

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Have you been to any of cities listed as future European Capitals of Culture? Share your favorite memories and photos below!

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