Preparing for a Year Abroad: 10 Things You Should Know

Happy #TBT!

Looking back I have realized that this list is incomplete. I wished we would have brought (original) copies of high school and universities diplomas and transcripts; brought our checkbook (or just the account/routing number); and that we would have cancelled our phones prior to leaving (instead of canceling them after arriving and getting a local number). I guess it’s true: you live and you learn. -Pouneh

What would you add to this list?

Longing to Travel

After announcing that we’d be moving to Turkey to teach English for a year, we got lots of questions. The two most common were “how are you going to take all your stuff?” and “how do you even prepare for a move like that?”. Both are great questions, and we’ll now attempt to answer the second.

Preparing for a year abroad is not easy, but it’s also not as hard as you may think. Together we have experience relocating domestically and abroad and so, together, we came up with this list of best practices and reminders:

1. Change Your Address

Update your address with your local post office, all credit card providers, newspaper/magazine subscriptions, retirement accounts, student loans, insurance, etc. You want everyone to know how to get hold of you if necessary. Going paperless will help you stay up-to-date while away from home.

2. Notify Your Bank that…

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