From Dreams to Reality: Design Your Global Life in Just 5 Steps

Looking back on my life, I could see that there was always a clear theme to what my passions were. Once I realized this, I was able to use my passions to create a more fulfilling (global) life.
Have you come to this realization yet? If not, I challenge you to set aside some time to discover your passions and create the life you want and deserve. You can start by following the steps below which I personally used to create my global life.
* * * *

1. Identify Your Values & Passion

What would you love to do? Simple question, right? For some, it is easy to answer. For others (like me) it was difficult to answer questions like ‘what’s your favorite food?’ or ‘if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?’. My passions were not so obvious so I had to dig deeper and really analyze my life and my habits to discover them. If you can’t easily list your passions and values, try answering these questions:

  •  What do you spend your money on?
  •  How do you spend your free time?
  •  What topics do you enjoy reading, talking or learning about?
  •  What keeps your interest for long periods of time?
  •  What are you doing when time flies?

By reflecting on these questions and many more, you should start to see a pattern regarding your behaviors and your priorities. For example, my answers for these and similar questions always seem to be food, education and travel. (My bank statements clearly reflects this hierarchy of values! Take a look at your spending and see where your money goes!)

Expert Tip: Once you have identified a few things (1-3 things) that you are passionate about, think about how you can incorporate more of it into your daily life. It may take some time before you can incorporate your passion into every part of your life, but why wait? Stay inspired and fulfilled with small encounters with the thing(s) that energize you.

For example, I love traveling. Before relocating abroad, I constantly sought out opportunities to get in contact with the global community right in my backyard (via festivals, language classes, university clubs, ethnic restaurants, etc.). This way, my passion consumed a portion of my time and kept me happy between trips!

2. Create a List of All the Thing You Think You  ‘Should’ Do….Then Cross Them All Out

This may sound impossible, but really it’s not. I have known for nearly a decade that my passion in life is people and travel. Until recently, I was afraid to change my trajectory to accommodate these passions, so I settled for a few weeks of travel a year and a continued yearning to follow a different career path. I didn’t let myself to create a lifestyle which allowed for all the things I wanted because, like most people, I allowed fears or myths to discourage me from living out my dream life. I thought a lot about what I ‘should’ do rather than what I really ‘wanted’ to do. Below are a few common fears people have:

  •  My loved ones won’t approve/will love me less.
  •  I won’t make enough money to support myself.
  •  I wont be successful.

And the list goes on and on. These are just lies we tell ourselves. You may experience resistance as you shift your life from the present to your global life; but, that’s ok. Keep pushing ahead and see how the quality of your life improves, starting with your mind and soul!

3. Design Your Dream Life

The biggest mistake people make is not writing things down. If you just wish something, it will always stay a dream. But if you write it down, define it to the most minute detail, you can start to shift your life towards that dream lifestyle. For example, for years I have said that my dream job is to have a remote job where I can meet with people face-to-face in a café and/or to have a job where I don’t have to be in the office. Right now, I’m sitting at a café and writing this post, after answering a message from someone who wants to pay me for my coaching services!

Since middle school, I have kept a list of my goals and reviewed them regularly. It was only after I began to create a clear strategy for making those goals come true that I was able to meet them. Here are just a few recent things I’ve written down in the past year that I can now see in my life:

  •  Location independent job (or a profession that allows me to work in any country in the world);
  •  Working in the afternoon/evening (I’m not a morning person!); and
  •  Discussing life, culture and personal development as part of my job.

The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be for you to see the most beneficial opportunities available to you. The key here is clarity. Be clear on what you want and then go after it.

4. Share Your Dreams with Others

By sharing your dreams with others it causes two things to happen. First, you are more likely to stay accountable since most people don’t want to say something they don’t intend on doing. And second, you’d be surprised to see how many people you know may have advice for you or people they can connect you with. This week alone I have met 4 people who share the same passion as me. I would have never discovered this if I hadn’t shared my goals with them. So be brave, be proud and put it all out there. Others may be inspired by your motivation and will want to help you achieve your goal.

5. Transition From Your Current Life to Your New Life

Be creative. How can you make your passion your life’s focus? If you love art, become a graphic designer, start an online gallery of your work or sell it on Etsy. If you love music, start small and DJ and/or perform for smaller gatherings and work you way up to local festivals. Heck, become a street performer if you think it will get your name out there! If you are passionate about being your own boss, create a website, print out business cards and then fake it until you make it!

In 2013, my husband and I made the decision to stop following the path of ‘we should’ and begin down the path of ‘we must’. We feel that to be true to ourselves, we must move our lives to a new place. And just 4 months after making that decision, we moved from the USA to Turkey to begin our new life. 

So what’s stopping you from living your global life? By this time next year, you could be living your dream life abroad. All you have to do is take the first step.

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What has helped you on your journey to a more fulfilled global life?

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