1 Train, 2 Life Lessons & A New Friend

A few weeks ago, I spent the day with two acquaintances I met during our first month in Ankara. Within a few minutes into our day-trip, it was clear to me that I had met my match when it comes to scheming, living an unconventional life and trying to grow into an accomplished professional in my field.

This mirror image sitting across from me on the train reminded me of two very important lessons that I hope I never forget again.

* * * *

Lesson #1: No Matter What You Wish for in Your Life, You’re Not Alone.

Oftentimes, those of us who crave unconventional things believe that we’re alone in our unique way of thinking. In reality, we are just a small minority in the world, but we’re certainly are not alone. This is easy to see by doing a simple Google search for whatever it is you’re craving: expat living, round-the-world travel, mini-retirements, studying abroad, etc.

Having lived an unconventional life for nearly a decade now, I have moved more than 15 times, constantly meeting new people and then saying goodbye. I’ve learned that others like me do exist in the world, but unfortunately, these people (like me) are always on the move…so it’s difficult to create a strong, face-to-face network. Which leads me to the next lesson relearned…

Lesson #2: You are the Sum Total of the 5 People You Surround Yourself With

Reflecting on my own circle of friends, I can see that I have two main groups of people I keep near and dear to my heart. There are those who will be my forever friends because of our long history together and then there are those who I’m not in contact with all that often, but who can rejuvenate and energize my soul with just a 15 minute conversation.

The second group of people are the ones who are working hard to carve out their little piece of heaven on earth. They work hard, take risks and most of all, understand that they have the power to design their dream life. When I see these people doing incredible things, it makes me want to work harder and focus on what’s really important to me.

So next time you feel like it’s too hard to design and live your ideal global life, remember these lessons and then get back to work!

(As a result of this new-found Global Lifestyle Design buddy, I’m in the process of taking my game to the next level. Details to come. Stay tuned!)

* * * * A N S W E R  B E L O W * * * *
Who are the 5 people you surround yourself with and are they helping or hurting your ability to live your ideal global life?


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