A First Timer’s “All-You-Can-Europe” Itinerary

A First Timer’s “All-You-Can-Europe” Itinerary
Stops Included: 1 Country from each category
Days Needed: 16+
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Recently I’ve had a few requests for “the perfect European itinerary”. As a loud-and-proud Europhile, it is incredibly difficult to come up with ‘the perfect itinerary’…because how can I possibly choose just 3 or 4 cities!?!?

The more I thought about how to tackle this task, I soon discovered that there is, perhaps a way to experience all Europe has to offer in as little as 2 weeks. This itinerary definitely isn’t for those who want an in-depth, cultural experience in just one place, but rather for those who want to enjoy a little bit of everything. If you’re planning your first trip to Europe, use this guide to narrow down your options and get a truly exotic and well rounded European experience.


Portugal | Spain | Italy | Greece

These countries share a significant portion (if not all) of their borders with the Mediterranean Sea. Known for their seafood, wine/spirits, sun, beaches, parties and warm people, you’ll surely enjoy a few days exploring the cultural and historical places in these easy-going, mediterranean countries.

* * * * R e c o m m e n d e d   C i t i e s * * * *

Lisbon /Sintra, Portugal

Barcelona/Madrid/San Sebastian, Spain

Cinque Terre/Venice, Italy

Santorini, Greece

Longign to Travel - Travel - London Itinerary - London
Downtown London

Germany | France | England

Some of the most significant historical, economical and cultural ideas have been exported from these countries. Although very different in language, cuisine and culture, you’ll get a feeling of grand, western Europe by visiting any of these countries’ capital city. No matter where you visit, you’ll witness some of the most important historical and cultural artifacts in the world, like The Berlin Wall (Berlin, Germany), The Mona Lisa (Paris, France) and Stonehenge (Amesbury, England).

* * * * R e c o m m e n d e d   C i t i e s * * * *

Berlin/Munich, Germany

Paris/Mont St-Michel, France

London/Cambridge, England

Insider’s Tip: To get a feel for both France and Germany, visit Strasbourg in the Alsace region of France. This region and it’s cities have belonged to both Germany and France throughout the course of history!

Copyright - Longing to Travel - Central Europe Itinerary - Summer 2016 (15)
(Vienna, Austria)

Austria | Czech Republic | Hungary

Not so long ago, these countries were considered “off-the-beaten-path”. Today, they are favorites of many visitors to Europe. From classical music to exquisite architecture, these countries host some of Europe’s most charming cities.

* * * * R e c o m m e n d e d   C i t i e s * * * *

Vienna/Hallstatt, Austria

Prague/Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Budapest, Hungary

Longing to Travel -  Hacı Bayram Camii Ankara - Copyright 2014
Haci Bayram Camii & Temple of Augustus, Izmir, Turkey

Turkey | Israel | Morocco

Although not technically Europe, these countries are examples of non-Christian countries with an ethnic flair not-to-be-missed! Istanbul, in Turkey, is known for being the point where east meets west, and having visited the city 3 times, I can say this is true. It’s the easiest Muslim country to visit for those who are a bit apprehensive about it. You can find just the right mix of cultural, history and modernity.

If you’re into a more in-your-face experience, try modern, yet historically vibrant places in Israel and Morocco. Again, I LOVE Europe and everywhere within it’s borders, but if you’re venturing over to this part of the world, don’t miss out on these gems. You’ll regret it if you do!

* * * * R e c o m m e n d e d   C i t i e s * * * *

Istanbul/Cappadocia/Izmir, Turkey

Jerusalem/Haifa, Israel

Fez/Marrakesh, Morocco

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