Our Life in Numbers: Ankara Edition

People think we’re flat out lying when we tell them we’re able to live a higher-quality life while earning less than we did in the USA. And before you ask, no, we’re not living on ramen noodles and sleeping in hostels. We live an upper-middle class life in the most expensive part of Ankara.

Here are a few stats about our lives teaching English in Ankara:


The percentage decrease in our salary since leaving the USA.

Our income is smaller, but we live bigger. Seriously.


The percentage of our monthly income that goes into savings.

In fact, we save the same dollar amount as we saved each month in the US!

2 5

The percentage of our monthly income spent on rent & utilities.

Our apartment is fully furnished and equipped with modern amenities like internet, cable, a Smart TV (which comes with a pair of 3D glasses…YESSSSSSSSSS!), a dishwasher and a washing machine.


The percentage of monthly income spent on food, fun, local transportation and all other expenses.

By no means are we trying to pinch pennies here. We’re traveling on average 4 days a month to all corners of Turkey. We’re eating out about twice a day and splurging whenever we feel like it.


The ratio of our vacations to months.

On average, we take one 4-6 day vacation each month.


The number of paid vacation days per year.

We get two paid weeks for national holidays and 4 paid weeks for vacation. Not too shabby!


The number of working hours per week.

We work 6 days a week for 4, 5 or 6 hours a day. Our earliest day starts at 10:30am (finishing at 6:00pm) and the latest we start is 5:30pm (finishing at 9:30pm). For a night owl, this schedule rocks!

YOUR TURN: Share your life in numbers below!


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