The Couple that Works Together Stays Together: 3 Reasons You Should Do It

Before we accepted our teaching positions in Turkey, we thought long and hard about the pros and cons of working with each other. We know it sounds a bit odd to spend 24 hours a day with your significant other (minus bathroom time, of course), but really, it’s been quite enjoyable. In fact, here are the top three reasons spending so much time together benefits us:

1. Instant Support System

it’s been nice to spend time together while settling in to our new jobs and our new life. Having the opportunity to debrief when personal or professional anxiety kicks in is a true blessing and gift. Especially in difficult times.

2. Economic Benefits

No one wants to admit this, but money does matter. And in this case, we’re thrilled about it! Working the same schedule has allowed us to save money by on food (we split meals every day at lunch) and transportation (we work at the same place, which is within walking distance of our apartment).

3. Shared Hours and Shared Vacation

This is probably the best part of working together. We work the same hours, have the same days off and get the same number of vacation days. No longer are we trying to get approval from two different employers to see if we can travel.

Of course there are more benefits, but these are the first few that popped into our minds when discussing the blessings that come from our unique circumstance. For all you out there considering a similar situation, here is our best advice: be kind, be patient and be forgiving. This is truly a unique and special situation that should be cherished.

YOUR TURN: What do you think are the advantages of living and working with your significant other or family members?


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