3 Easy Steps to TEFL Certification

After much research we enrolled in an online Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification course through International TEFL Academy (ITA). Our experience with ITA has been fantastic and we highly recommend ITA to anyone looking to learn more about teaching English abroad. If that’s you, follow these easy steps…
* * * *

1. Check out the ITA Website

Their website has TONS of helpful information (the best we’ve seen so far). We’re talking massive amounts of information about:

  • TELF certification accreditation
  • Cost comparison table (all you’ve ever wanted to know about living/working in another country–i.e., average cost of living, average salary, college degree requirements, start-up costs, etc.)
  • Alumni stories
  • Course options (i.e., online, on-site in the US and abroad)
  • and so much more (we’re not kidding!)

Insider Tip: We used the ITA website to compare the information they provided with what other TEFL certification providers posted on the web. We found that ITA offered accurate information (and in greater detail).

2. Speak with an ITA Advisor

Once you’ve spent some time on their website, you can contact an Advisor who can answer all your questions about certification, job prospects, their own experience teaching English abroad, etc. You can contact an ITA Advisor via this link: International TEFL Academy.

INSIDER TIP: If possible, ask to speak with Jeff Penick. We highly recommend him!

3. Enroll in a course (and get $50 OFF by using the link below)

When you are ready to enroll in a TEFL course at the International TEFL Academy (<– use this link for the discount!), just mention the ITA Referral Program along with my name (Pouneh Eftekhari). This will get you $50.00 off the total course cost.

Next Steps

Once you enroll in a course, you will have access to your course instructor (who can answer all academic-type questions) as well as a Student Affairs Representative (who can help you with everything from resume help to reviewing teaching contracts). We had been in touch with our teacher and Student Affairs Representative for weeks now and it has helped us clarify any questions or doubts we’ve had. Student Affairs even reviewed our TEFL contract sent to us from Turkey! It was such a relief to hear that what we had been offered was from a reputable school and that the details of the contract followed local standards.

After signing a work contract, you can get excited for the adventure to come! Although ITA does not help you find a job, they will assist you in your job hunt….FOR LIFE! Crazy, right? But it’s true. They will be able to help us in the future if we choose to continuing teaching English abroad. It is comforting to know that ITA staff and alumni will always be a resource we have access to.

* * * * A N S W E R  B E L O W * * * *
What questions do you have about getting TEFL certified?

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