5 Things We’ve Learned Since Moving to Ankara

Although we’ve been in Ankara for only 48 hours, we’ve learned a few interesting things:

1. Ankara has the Highest Number of Skinny Jeans Per Capita

Okay. We don’t know that for a fact, but we were surprised to see how hipster-esque the fashion was here. Most woman (old and young) do not seem to wear a veil, men dress very posh and in general, people are very fashionable.

2. Doritos are Common Bar Snacks

While we waited for a realtor to call us back about an apartment showing, we decided to take a break from walking and order some beverages. Shortly after ordering, a small basket of orange chips with two different dipping sauces appeared at our table. Our Turkish friends didn’t think twice before digging in, but we were surprised and asked if the chips were—dare we say–Doritos. Apparently they were! Don’t know the last time we had Doritos before yesterday, but we’ve already have them twice since being here.

3. Renting an Apartment Includes Gas, Electricity and Unannounced Guests

This was told to us by a colleague that we should be careful if we choose to rent an apartment in the city center as sometimes apartments are rented out by the night….(you can fill in the blanks from here). Basically, we were being warned that if we lived in certain apartments (which would not be warned about) that we could expect to receive visitors looking to ‘borrow a room’ for a few hours….We’re glad to say that where we chose to live did not come with such a warning and that we don’t expect any unannounced visitors.

4. Ankara (like most of the world) is Stuck in the 80’s

Since we’ve been here, we’ve heard the musical talents of Michael Bolton, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner. We can’t say anything bad about this point, so we’ll just say we’re in musical heaven.

5. Party Mini-Buses are Necessary When Going Downtown

Pronounced “dol-moosh”, a dolmuş is a private bus, which transports approximately 15-20 people at a time (its basically a smaller version of a bus, which is slightly more expensive and gives riders the freedom to get off the dolmuş at any point along the route). Anyway, the first one we rode had the heat turned up packed with people, with blue interior lights and old school Turkish music playing. Add in some glow sticks and dancing and it would have looked like a full on party bus!


2 thoughts on “5 Things We’ve Learned Since Moving to Ankara

  1. (4). I heard “I Will Always Love You” 12 times on one Saturday (I HAPPENED to be home almost the entire day, but I really have no idea how many more times it was played while I was at the gym and running errands) on the opening weekend of our city’s new light/water show. I now hear it a mere three times per evening, 7/8/9 p.m. In the “clubs” in Stavanger, literally EVERYONE started throwing their hands up when “Mmmm Bop” was played.

    Oh the joys of living abroad 🙂 So glad you’re enjoying the enchanting evenings with Turkish coffee and Michael Bolton.


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