The First 12 Hours

Our journey to Ankara began long before our flight boarded in Chicago. We’re 12 hours into our journey to Ankara and already we’ve begun ‘the adventure’ (aka our flight was delayed and we missed our connecting flight! Now we’re sitting at the Munich Airport, trying to pass the time–we have 8 hours to kill….and only 30 minutes of free WiFi!).

Anyway, although we’ve only been in transit from the US to Turkey for 12 hours (and counting…), we’ve been on the road (for what feels like) nonstop since Thursday, February 6:

February 6 – 7: Lafayette, Indiana → Muskego, Wisconsin

February 7: Muskego, Wisconsin → Greater Twin Cities, Minnesota

February 10: Greater Twin Cities, Minnesota → Muskego, Wisconsin

February 12: Muskego, Wisconsin → Greater Chicago, Illinois

February 13: Chicago, Illinois → Munich, Germany

February 14: Munich, Germany → Ankara, Turkey

It has only been a week since we’ve left Indiana (only two weeks since our last day of work), but it feels like an eternity. Words can’t really express the feeling of moving to another country. As a dear friend put it, it’s like a “…touch of anxiety, mixed into so much excitement”….and she couldn’t be more right!

And so now we wait…wait for the hours to pass, to get on our last flight and finally arrive in our new home city. And yes, we have every intention of making this new city our home for the next year.

We’ll sign off for now. Stay tuned as we’ll be apartment hunting and starting work training in the days to come. Both should provide great stories to share.


2 thoughts on “The First 12 Hours

  1. Wow!!!!! How exciting though! I can’t wait to see pics of you guys in your new location! I love keeping “tabs” on your adventure through your blog! Looking forward to hearing more! Xxxx


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