Pouneh the Thinker


Greetings! This is a blog post from Pouneh…(Chris doesn’t know that I’m about to spill my guts to all of cyberspace!).

So my passion in life is to travel and experience all things new and different. I thrive off newness and I hate monotony. I have traveled all over the world (20+ countries and counting), travelling most extensively between 2004-2010 (I lived abroad during those years). When you live abroad, even everyday tasks like buying paper or riding the bus can be a mini-adventure all in itself.

As I continue thinking about what is next for us, I have to consider our finances, our career, starting a family, etc. Let me tell you, being responsible and thoughtful about every decision you make in your life is not that fun. BUT, I think there is a happy medium between acting spontaneously all the time and having your 10 year plan mapped out by the minute. There is. Trust me. The more I weigh the pros and cons about packing up and leaving, I keep coming back to the same conclusions:

  • I have no idea if I will ‘be successful’ or not (my goal is to get professional work abroad, in my field); and
  • this is definitely the time in our lives when we should be smart and saving money; however, this is also the time in our lives where we should take chances and live life to the fullest.

In my heart of hearts I know I will live/work/study abroad again, its just a matter of when and how. 🙂


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