Feeling Overwhelmed…

Its ironic how something we’re so excited about can cause so much anxiety and stress. We know we want to go on an adventure, but for some reasons making this decision has placed enormous pressure on ourselves to actually make it happen. I mean, its fun to Google the places you could go and daydream about the life you could live, but what if you want to make that dream a reality? Now we have to think about our financial, personal and professional futures (not to mention coordinating everything so that we’re eligible for hire/admission during the next recruitment cycle).

So far, we’ve discussed 1,736,321,654,684 things, but here are some of the more complicated questions we’re trying to answer:

  • What opportunities are there abroad for us to make money? 
  • How do we pay taxes while abroad? 
  • If we’re lucky enough to be earning money while overseas, where do we keep the money? 
  • How do we tell our parents we’re doing this?

….and the list goes on and on….

Logistically this is an a pretty straightforward process…but emotionally, there are many things laying heavy on our hearts.

As we continue exploring, we wanted to share some resources that might help with the logistical part (unfortunately, the emotional decisions are up to each individual):

If you have resources, thoughts or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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